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Anonymous asked:
heyyy who are some rad people i can follow?

Everybody on my hella blogroll. I’m not the type that would point out the best blogs to be fair because they’re all different to me <333

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And then there’s Hawkeye. Hill didn’t ask Hawkeye to join her new team because she already knows he’s problems. Hill doesn’t want problems.

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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Karen and Zoe uk premiere

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Thor brought you back, Loki. He loves you. And that means he’ll take care of you. He’ll always take care of you. —Thor #621 (2011)

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it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw




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I shouldn’t be alive … unless it was for a reason.

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