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+ {Update: I'm confused who are my friends here

I'm Tanz+ I still like a guy called Tom Hiddleston and knows I exist. Well, sort of. Toss it in with a little demon named Sebastian Satan. All hail.


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On a: Hiatus because life is fucked
Watching: Pushing Daisies S2, OuaT S2, Hetalia: World Series
Reading: Original Sin (2014), Black Widow (2014), Captain America (2013), Hawkeye (2012), Witch and Wizard: The Fire
Listening: Fall Out Boy
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Thanks to the Mona Loki I found your tumblr, and I'm so glad I did because it is just THE BEST EVER, asdfgjkl. Your blog is so perfect, bless you.

people make me cry with these compliments i cnA’T????